Located in a popular industrial park, our facility has the following features:

Total surface area: 16000 m2
Indoor area: 10000m2
Number of buildings: 6
Rail system communicating the buildings
Measuring room conditioned at 20ºC

All buildings have bridge cranes to carry parts and assemblies, totalling 10, with capacities between 8 and 50 T.



Renewable Energy Generation

Maquinaria Meyco, to sustainable development and following our company policy committed to the environment, we have installed in a first step in 2021 in our facilities a 194 Kwp photovoltaic generator, with environmental benefits of 110 T of CO2 avoided, equivalent to 153 trees planted.

In a second phase, in 2022 it will be completed with a photovoltaic generator of 36 Kwp, obtaining environmental benefits of 20 Tons of CO2 avoided, equivalent to 28 trees planted. This installation was supported by the NextGenerationEU funds, financed by the European Union.

This allows us autoconsume more than 50% of our electricity needs. Thanks to this installation, we will be able to generate 9.350 Mwh and we will avoid 2.525 Tons of CO2 in the estimated useful life of the installation.