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is a small to mid-sized company that seeks to optmize relations and exchange with clients, suppliers and others in our environment, guided by the following principles:

The staff at MEYCO make up a carefully selected multidisciplinary team, that is distributed according to the following company structure:

  • MISSION To carry out the processes and services for the production of metal parts and assemblies for large installations, from the receipt of documentation and raw materials, to the packing and expedition to clients.
  • VALUES We always keep in mind the values that characterize us:
    • Customer focus, collaborating to satisfy their needs
    • Doing the job well and professionalism
    • Eagerness to innovate and improve
    • The importance of persons, an optimal and safe working environment
  • VISION We want to become a reference in our setting through the following key points:
    • Responsible growth attending to our clients’ needs
    • Diversification and adaptation
    • Technological cooperation with our clients
    • Constant improvement in the efficiency and quality of our products and services
  • POLICIES To achieve our vision we promote measures such as:
    • Toward our clients; search for the most appropriate solution for each project, quickly solve any problem that might arise, analyze their proposals or suggestions, reinforce good relations
    • Towards competitiveness; adopt new technologies and methodologies, provide the company with the best suited means, apply our quality system
    • Towards the environment; adopt best practices in dealing with resources and waste
    • Towards energy saving; improve the thermal insulation in our office space to reduce the air conditioning bill, replace lamps in our factory for more efficient ones
    • Towards safety in the workplace; equip our facilities with safety measures and train the personnel in their proper use

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